Legal notice

Legal notice


The site is operated by Vendinvest Kft. (Data Manager). The services of the website are used voluntarily by users, meaning that personal information is provided voluntarily. The Data Manager handles all personal information confidentially and will take all technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data.

Data Manager:

Name: Vendinvest Kft.
Address: 8000 Székesfehérvár Lehel utca 36.
Phone: +36-30-946-6715

Data Processing:

Name: LIW Intermedia Kft.
Address: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Széchenyi u. 172.
Phone: +36 22 315 027

Managed data and objective of data management

Information logged automatically by our servers

Our servers automatically log users' IP address, the type of the operating system and the browser they use and some other information. This information is used only to compile aggregate data in order to correct any flaws in our services, to improve quality and for statistical reasons. 

The use of cookies

Some of our services transfer cookies, an individual identifier to the PC of the user. A cookie is an information package with various contents that is sent by the webserver to be stored on the user's PC and enables the recognition of certain information. Cookies are used exclusively to make user authentication easier (e.g. login, viewed pages). For technical reasons content linked to registration can only be viewed if the user enables cookies. A cookie is valid only until the browser is closed. Users can delete their cookies anytime using their browsers.   


Stored data

When requesting an offer: name, e-mail, phone number, company name, job title. These data are used for keeping contact with the client, they are required for preparing the offer.

When requesting toolkits: name, e-mail, phone number, company name, job title. These data are used for keeping contact with the client, they are required for sending the toolkit.

Legal basis of data management

The use of the website's services by users is voluntary. The requested data are provided based on the voluntary consent of the users.

Rights of users regarding access, correction and deletion of their data

Users can request information on the handling of their personal data. On the request of the user, tha Data Manager provides information on the handling of personal data, the objectives, the legal basis and the duration of data handling; the name and address of the Data Processing company and its activities in connection with data management as well as who and for what reason receives or have received their personal data. Information shall be given in writing within the shortest time possible following the request but within 30 days at the latest. The request shall be sent to the Data Manager's customer service e-mail address.  

You can delete or correct your personal data anytime using the functions on the website (e.g. delete registration, unsubscribe to newsletter, modify data) or send a request by e-mail to our customer service.


Data that are stored but not used by the user (e.g. personal information given upon login) and are not necessary for keeping contact with the customer, or providing guarantee or liability, shall be deleted within 3 years at the latest.


Rights of users and available remedies

Validating a claim before Civil Court

The user can validate a claim before Civil Court if the Data Manager has violated his rights for the protection of personal data.

Enquiry of the Hungarian Parliamentary Commissioner for Data Protection 

Anyone can ask for assistance from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Data Protection based on §27 of the Act on Data Protection if they are on the opinion that their rights for the protection of data have been violated or there is a direct risk thereof, unless a relevant court procedure is already under way. Nobody shall be put at a disadvantage because they notified the Parliamentary Commissioner for Data Protection. They are protected in the same manner as whistleblowers.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Data Protection can be notified without formal requirements and free of charge, for more information visit:


External links

Our website may include a number of links to third party websites. The Data Manager has no responsibility or liability for the privacy policies of these linked websites.