How it works

How it works

Operating a PPE vending machine is easy to control,
tailor-made and cost-effective.



We design it

We assess your current PPE usage and offer the best solution for your company.


We install it

Vending machines capable of storing and dispensing PPE are installed at your facility and employees can pick up the equipment they need.


You use it

Employees can access the PPE vending machine with the ID card of the access control system.  Access is granted by touching the reader with the ID card before picking up the required equipment.


We control it

The GPRS based monitoring device in the vending machine saves all transactions to the server of the system. Monthly, weekly and daily transactions are retreivable for each card via the internet. Each card has a specific code and you can also attribute a name to it. Varoius lists and accounts can be exhibited on the screen or printed. Lists are available to authorized personnel only and are password protected. The system monitors usage and a text message notification can be set to warn the person responsible for replenishment when less than 20% remains available from an item to avoid running out of stock. If a problem ocurrs, information is available immediately. 

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