Széchenyi 2020
Reduce cost
at the press of a button!
Reduce equipment costs by
30-40% vending machines!

You have found the tool
to reduce product usage!

The employees waste too much,
product usage is way higher than needed?

You can't keep track of who took what, how many of it and if they
really needed that much?

See how Vendinvest machines can cut your costs!

A special solution for your industry

Our vending machines can be tailored to the size of your company/facility, the type of products you need and the amount you use.

Your company can achieve better on its most important fields of expertise by using our vending machines.


Say yes to Vendinvest vending machines

We are a reliable player on the market of PPE vending machines:


  • You can trust us
    We were the first to sell PPE vending machines in Hungary
  • We have experience
    More than 20 years on the market
  • We are always available
    24 hour remote monitoring service
  • We are mobile
    Our machines need no more than a power socket to be installed